The Secondary School Scientific Activity

The Secondary School Scientific Activity

The secondary school scientific activity is a voluntary leisure activity for students of all types of schools which takes place in their schools, academic institutions, clubs, or they work on their scientific topics individually. A final thesis or a teaching aid which is submitted and subsequently defended in front of the committee members is the result of such activity.

The Function of Secondary School Scientific Activity is:

  • to develop and support the professional interests of students in various scientific fields
  • to deepen and expand professional knowledge, experience and individual skills
  • to develop creative thinking
  • to develop talent
  • to promote professional growth
  • to use time effectively

The Overview of Competition Disciplines:

  • mathematics and computer science
  • physicsc
  • hemistry
  • biology
  • geology and geography
  • health and special education
  • agriculture, food processing industry, forestry and water management
  • environmental protection, engineering, metallurgy, transportation and related technical discipline
  • selectrical engineering, electronics, computer and telecommunication technology, civil engineering and architecture, creating teaching materials, didactic technology
  • economics and management
  • pedagogy, psychology, sociology and the issue of free time
  • theory of culture, art and artistic creation
  • history, other humanities and social sciences