Chemistry Olympics

Chemistry Olympics

The Chemistry Olympics is a competition for talented high school students to test their knowledge of theoretical and practical chemistry. It has a long tradition at our school. The participants in the competition are divided into 3 groups according to their age.

Category C – freshmen and sophomores

Category B – sophomores and juniors

Category E – juniors and seniors

Each contest is divided into three parts: the first part requires home preparation to the assigned topic. Then follows the practical part performed in a laboratory and in the end the contestants create a written test, based on the theory verified in the laboratory practice. The winners of the school contest will proceed to the district-ranged, regional (at this point, category B and C finishes), nationwide or international round called Grand Prix Chimique. Each successful solver will get a material prize and be favoured not only at a practical part of a graduation exams, but also at entrance exams to the university.

The organizer of the Chemistry Olympics at our school is Jitka Dvořáková