School Sports Events

School Sports Events

Every year the school organizes skiing trips for the first year students and outdoor cycling and rowing trip for the second year students.

Both trips are also offered to older students. The school organizes an annual football tournament for other schools in Brno that is held in Brno-Jundrov.

Students are encouraged to take part in various extracurricular sporting activities. The most popular clubs are volleyball, basketball, futsal, floorball, and aerobics. Throughout the year the students train for various interscholastic competitions organized by AŠSK, the organization that we are a member of. Annual school tournaments, where students compete against each other, are traditionally held (before Christmas and by the end of the school year).

The school also organizes the annual 10-hour-long relay race which is a part of the World Ultramarathon Championship. An important part of the event is also looking after the foreign runners, which is a great opportunity for our students to improve their language skills.

Sightseeing trips abroad: Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Croatia