The School Building

The School Building

Chemical Laboratories

There are nine laboratories to study organic, inorganic, physical and analytical chemistry; chemical technology, biology, biochemistry and microbiology. Modern technology is used so that the students can apply their knowledge and experience in further education and work.
Biological practical lessons and basic microbiological practical lessons take place in biological laboratory. There are apparatuses to prepare native and simple fixed samples which can be observed by light microscopes. The students also use equipment enabling the projection of microscopic image to TV screen.
Food samples and drinking water are checked in the microbiological laboratory.

ICT Laboratories and Other Laboratories

ICT lessons are held in two special classrooms which are equipped with students´ and teacher´s computers, laser printers and scanners.
Other computers offering students free access to the Internet are in the school corridors.
Physical, electro technical and automation lessons are held in a laboratory equipped with electric, electronic and other aids. To support these lessons, computer system ISES is used. This system enables measurement of physical analogue quantities via personal computer which is equipped with an analogue-digital converter as well as a printer output.

Language Laboratories

Since 2001/2002, there have been two compulsory foreign languages, i.e. English and German.
The lessons are held in five special classrooms which are equipped with special audiovisual technique (CD players, DVD players, data projectors or computers). 
Excursions to foreign countries are welcomed among students. These excursions link the theoretical studies to practical experience; students learn new facts about life, historical sights or natural heritage of the foreign countries.

Libraries, Study Rooms

There is a long history of the special and literary library.
The study room, which is next to both libraries, is often visited by students. Here, they can excerpt texts, use computers or just sit and play chess in their free time.